Abrasion-resistant and durable
Best quality, long service life and outstanding reliability characterise our new „EVOCABLE®“ cable series. Energy chains, cables and assembly are available from us “everything from one source”.
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"With my years of experience and consulting expertise in the development of high-quality cables and energy chains, I am a competent contact for our customers. In close cooperation with our customers, we develop high-quality product solutions that meet every requirement in terms of abrasion and load capacity, installation space as well as flexibility and resistance to aggressive environmental influences."
Bünyamin Sucu, Business Development Energy Chain Systems
Product information

Our abrasion-resistant, durable EVOCABLE® series is available in three quality levels: SD, HD and HDplus. It is most suitable for indoor and outdoor use from medium to heavy duty. Our energy chains, cables and assemblies are compatible and tested. EVOLINE® = EVOCHAIN® + EVOCABLE® + EVOSYSTEM®.

All three quality lines differ in the level of stress and therefore in different materials, build-ups and technical properties. The special focus of our range is on the high-quality HDplus line. It stands for the highest mechanical stress and includes particularly high-quality cables with extremely low abrasion, long service life, small bending radius, high temperature, oil and chemical resistance.

Our more than 30 years of experience with energy chain and cable applications influenced the product development. We adapt the profundity and scope of our product portfolio to customer requirements as well as to our energy chain systems. The advantages for the customer are obvious: We can respond faster, more flexibly and better to customer requirements. All components as well as advice and service are 100% coordinated.

Extremely abrasion-resistant and durable
Three quality levels
For indoor and outdoor use
Coordinated with the EVOCHAIN®
Mandy Hitzelberger, Client Service Centre
Phone: +49 7191 482-2851
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